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Uczniowie klasy VI w ramach nauki zdalnej napisali przepisy kulinarne w języku angielskim. Zapraszam do zapoznania się z pracami. Smacznego!


Recipe for waffles


-        2 incomplete glasses of flour

-        2 eggs

-        A teaspoon of baking powder


-        A teaspoon of sugar

-        1,5 cups of milk

-        1/3 cup of oil

First, put all the ingredients in bowl and mix everything (the order does not matter).

Then, heat the waffle irons to 200 degrees Celsius and apply the dough with a ladle and the convex part of the spoon spread the dough thoroughly over the entire surface of the waffle iron. Bake for about 3 minutes.

Finally, put the waffles on a plate and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Enjoy your meal!!!




Tortilla with chicken

Ingredients: Tortilla cake, Chicken breast, favorite vegetables (colorful peppers, cucumber, lettuce or ready – made lettuce mix,) favorite spices (salt, pepper), natural yoghurt, dill,


Cut the chicken breast, sprinkle with seasoning, add two tablespoons of vegetable oil. Mix and put in the fridge for 1 hour. Wash the vegetables. Slice the pepper and cucumber. Fry the chicken breast for about 10 minutes.

Prepare the sauce:

Mix the natural yoghurt with your favorite spices and dill.

Brush the tortilla cake with sauce put the lettuce, peppers, cucumber and chicken breast. Wrap the tortilla and it’s ready. Enjoy your meal!



Will present a recipe for meringues. Many people think that meringue is difficult to make, but I will show that it is not. I did it the first time.Lets do it !

Portion about 70 pieces:





necessary utensils:




confectionery sleeve / teaspoon

without baking 30 minutes 

                                          that's all we need: 

First step

We need four egss. We separate the protein from the yolks. 

WARNING! even a little yolk will not get into the proteins because the meringue will not work!

Pour the egg whites into the bowl (the higher the bowl, the better it is whipped), add pinch salt. Put 200g of sugar in another bowl.

Two step
Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt.

When the proteins are like this, start adding sugar gradually while mixing.

When you have added all the sugar, mix for a while.



When the proteins are as stiff as in the picture, the meringue is ready. If your meringue is not like that yet, keep on mixing.(If the whites do not want to whip, it means that the yolk got into the whites or the bowl was dirty and unfortunately the meringue will not be successful.)

Three step

whipped egg whites in confectionery sleeves (as in the photo, or line them with a teaspoon),


Four step


squeeze small meringues as in the picture (Important! Do not squeeze without close to each other, make spaces because they will stick together)

This is how a whole sheet of these sweets looks like



I bake two gills at once. If you bake like I do, in the middle of baking on the heater up and down, swap the trays, and if you bake two plates on the heater, the circulation does not change anything.
Bake the meringues in a preheated oven to 110 degrees for 60 to 100 minutes (I bake for 80 minutes)

If you are wondering why the meringue lasts so long, then I have already explained. You've probably noticed more than once when you eat meringue that it is crunchy on the outside and lingering on the inside. To achieve this effect, the meringue should be dried for a long time.

When the meringue is baked, take out the lamellae but do not tear them immediately from the baking paper, let them cool down for a moment, they only need 1 minute. 
            Meringue ready! You can serve!

the perfect meringue should look like this



Has sticky foam inside.


1. It is best to make the meringue the day before serving.


2.The higher the bowl the better the meringue will be

3. You can make meringue from 1 protein. There is 50g of sugar per 1 protein




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